Lightening meets integrity

Reveal beautiful, yet healthy results as
you unleash your innermost creativity
for the ultimate balayage experience.

"Behind every stylist,
lies an ARTIST."

Mixing Bowl
The Mixing Bowl has a deep-set design, making it ideal for controlled mixing of any product, without spilling over the edges. The comfort-grip handle and lightweight durability make it ideal for any stylist.
Powder Lightener
Our White Powder Lightener has a controlled pH to provide maximum lift without the fear of breakage. Natural emulsifiers leave hair feeling soft and manageable. This de-dusted, stay-moist formula mixes smooth and creamy for ease of application.
Lightener Control™
Our exclusive Lightener Control™ is a resin-based gel, infused with a blend of Keratin, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and humectants that act on the three primary components of hair - tensile strength, elasticity, and cuticle abrasion - to improve the lightening action and the healthiness of hair.
Color Whisk
The Color Whisk is perfect for all mediums; from lightener to permanent color and everything in between. It makes the mixing process faster and neater, without having to scrape your brush off. This is easy to clean and durable.
Crescent Brush
The Crescent Brush has a contoured handle for maximum comfort when balayaging. Its soft bristles are ideal for long, sweeping designs and creating natural dimension
Textured Color Brush
The textured color brush has crinkled bristles that hold more color, while providing dripless, smooth application making it ideal for balayage paddle work, as well as all-over color.
Angle Brush
The Angle Brush allows for pin-point, accurate placement of highlights, making it perfect for detailing and precision hand-painting. A long, thin handle makes for easy parting.
Balayage Paddles
The Balayage Paddles have a unique, contoured comb edge to perfectly fit each head, complete with an ergonomic handle, for maximum comfort of both the stylist and client. The comb edge allows you to comb through the hair with ease and remove excess color, while two different sizes make it ideal for any hair lengt
Color Cape
Made of top-quality fabric, this Color Cape is both water and chemical resistant, as well as bleach-proof. Its lightweight design features an adjustable 21" snap closure, making it a perfect and comfortable fit for all clients.

Featuring our exclusive Lightener ControlTM

An added defense from the
harsh effects of lightener.

Transform lighteners into an ultra-smooth, creamy medium that is perfect for non-slip foiling and balayage.

  • No increase in developer
  • No increase in processing time
  • No additional rebonding steps


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